While the last 2 games of the year are coming and especially with the last game the supercup. I would like to teak a look back at my 2018. This hole year I played for DFVE because now its my seconds season that I play here. For me it is still every day a great adventure to play in Hungary. Being here it makes me happy. I love my team mates, I love the children from the club, I love the people who come and cheer at our matches, I love the way waterpolo lives in this country. Of course being here in an other country where all people speak an different and very difficult language its really hard sometimes. With miss-communications or wrong interpretations it can go wrong sometimes. But on the other side the fact that we speak an other language but we are still able to speak, play, live and laugh together is a great thing! ❤️ For me this is a part of the life I chose here. I get a lot of experience and I learn things here. This is what I appreciate the most in life. Learning things from others and from things that I experience. With all the things that happened around me and what I and especially we did (won) this year. I look back at a great 2018! I want to thank everybody for everything they do by  being around me and make this life the best I can imagine! Everybody have a great Christmas and already an happy and well a very happy 2019!!?