I am packing my stuff while i am writing this blog. I was thinking that last weekend was the hungarian cup and we played very well there. With 4 wins in one weekend we became first in our group. This means we will play the semi final against Szentes. Me and the team felt great this weekend. This all was szuper and i am looking forward to play for the Hungarian cup. But. Now first the Euro league in Rome. Today we travel by plane to Rome. (I am happy not by bus :)). This will be a heavy weekend to. We play against De Zaan (NED) and Kirishi (RUS) on Friday, Ecile SG (MLT) on Saturday and against Roma (ITA) on Sunday. To go to the next round we have to win two games. Sounds like a good challenge to me! With al my stuff back in the suitcase i am ready to go again. Hajrá DFVE! 🔹🔸