I can’t believe and I am still trying to realise that we won the Hungarian Cup last Sunday. This is so amazing for me that if I start to think about this the most biggest smile comes on me face! Yes i am so happy with this price because after playing for DFVE 2,5 years now I and WE finally won the Hungarian Cup. This is my first price in the Hungarian competition. I am so proud on this team and I can say that we deserved to win this game! We won as a team more then ever. We needed everybody and this is why my heart is so big in love with team sport. To see all the players in your team fight for a golden medal and a cup like this. Makes me smile and cry at the same time. I keep saying I am proud and happy because I can’t describe how proud and happy I am with this beautiful Cup. Everybody can be!

Also i would like to thank everybody who believed in us and was standing behind us for winning this game very much! Love you all!