It’s Christmas time. This year I will celebrate Christmas in Hungary. It is my first time i celebrate it in an other country. I heard and I already know Budapest is one of the most beautiful city’s to visit with Christmas. I love how Budapest is always full of light and now with Christmas there are even more beautiful lights everywhere! Of course I will not celebrate it alone. My mother, father and my brother is here. We stay in a beautiful house nearby Budapest. Like this we can celebrate Christmas together.
Soon we will celebrate the start of a new year. I can look back on a very good 2019 and an even more great decade. It is funny that everybody is speaking about this. But if I think about it. There happened a lot in this decade for me. The past 10 years of my life waterpolo was and still is the biggest part of my life. I made an end to my career with the dutch national team. And i made new steps in to my future. It  is time to look further in to my future then just waterpolo. I am thankful and very grateful for everything what I learned and experienced. Because all of this I am proud on myself and I am who I want to be now. With all this bagage and lessons what I get from the past years I am ready and really happy to step in to the new year 2020.
Everybody a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Love Laura