What to do when you can’t go to train or play matches. Not be able to go out for dinner or sit on a terrace outside in the sun with a cup of coffee. Or go shopping in the city and watch a movie in the cinema. Well…. Not so much. We have trying to pass the time by training inside and outside. Biking and running. Sports we don’t normally do this much. With the other free time I did some things in my home. I put new pictures on the wall. I made puzzle’s and we put them on the wall in the hall. I watch a lot of Netflix. It was good to have more time for myself in the first few weeks but now after 7 weeks it starts to get boring and there is almost nothing I can do at home anymore. Except cooking food. It is always good to make yourself some delicious home made food. I already miss the water and the waterpolo games so much. It is very good weather now so I want to sit or lay outside. But this is not an option. I know it is hard to live like this but we don’t have a choice. Be strong, try to stay buzzy and think about what you CAN do!
Stay save everybody!